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Some guest comments

Your hosts are ever mindful of your needs and comfort and it is always a joy to find appreciative comments in our guestbook. We share just a few of these with you here.

Robson Green (yes, the Robson Green) thought us 'The best place in Tasmania...' 20/01/2012 -  Thanks Robson, we're big fans of you too....

Greg and Carol wrote "Truly excellent in every way, Highly recommended". 14/09/2012 

Pauline and Tony said " A wonderful stay and wonderful hospitality, we will sing your praises to all" 21/09/2012 

'Awesome hospitality, great place to stay - thanks' said Nat and Murray 01/10/2012

"Magnificent House, wonderful food and charming hosts. We had a lovely time" Sharon and Brad '04/10/2012

Robyn and Stephen had "a wonderful stay, outstanding breakfast, beautiful place and charming hosts'. 05/10/2012

Jeremy and Nick wrote' Majesty of The Hazards/Wineglass Bay only matched by the magnificent breakfasts!' 08/10/2012

Christpher and Neritan said "Brilliant! One of our favourite places in Australia" 11/10/12

20/10/12 Ferris and Sherrie from Maroochydore thought us "Absolutely outstanding" 

Stephen and Carolann stayed on 24/10/12 and wrote 'wonderful! wonderful!!! absolutely outstanding service"

Returning regulars Helen and John (01/11/12) said 'Thanks for another brilliant stay'... it's always our pleasure to see you, thanks for coming back 

11/11/12 Alexia and Carmen "Wonderful stay and wonderful hosts - we'll be back for the chocolate filled brioche alone!" 

Mike and Julie from California commented " we really 'ucked out' when we found this place, loved your lovely home and hospitality". Thank you, we love living here and enjoy sharing it with others....

Before leaving on 14/11/11 Helen and Graham wrote " Saved the best until last, a truly classy experience, Thanks for a wonderful stay". 


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